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10-day KanColle Challenge: Day 1 - Favourite Equipment

I love my nightbattle equipment, okay? Bless Sendai.


Well probably not new, but hey, I did a thing I feel I should spread it.

10-day KanColle Challenge! It’s pretty simple, give a picture (or pictures) of the following!

  • Favourite Equipment
  • Wife Ship
  • Favourite Obtainable Ship
  • Favourite Event Boss
  • Favourite Theme (Arranges do not count)
  • Favourite Abyssal Ship (In general)
  • Favourite Trope
  • Favourite Couple/OTP
  • Favourite NPC
  • Favourite Original content (Fan-based characters/made up ships/US ships)

Do not forget to source the pictures if you use fanart and leave captions to the pictures if you don’t put it all in the descriptions! 

Of course you can do this in any order you want, and you can add a bonus page if you want too (Fave map, arrange, etc). Have fun!





※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

楽園の素敵な巫女 TTK


「零戦は敵にあげるより、いっそ自分で壊したほうがましや」 龍驤さんでした。 #艦これ版深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負

Track: 華の二水戦
Album: 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 艦娘想歌【弐】KanColle Vocal Collection Vol.2
Artist: 川内、神通、那珂(CV.佐倉綾音)
413 plays

The Splendid 2nd Torpedo Division - Sendai, Jintsuu, and Naka (CV. Ayane Sakura) 

From KanColle Vocal Collection Vol. 2


arguing with tall people like “don’t make me come up there”




Drag the image for your answer.

hybird-blue whispered: Your art is looking great so far! Have you considered taking a look at some of the tutorials on Nsio's deviantart page? They might take your work one step further. (Beware NSFW)

Ah, thank you. 

The more references the better. Sadly I don’t often use said references since I usually forget to. So I prefer getting better through practise. References are still great though, so  thanks~

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