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Can you do a reading of this comic by mustachossom? (I’m so sorry, you probably already have like fifty people begging for that, but your Phoenix is exactly how I imagine him, so I figured I could try?)


you know what, my client’s guilty, let’s go home

Original comic by mustachossom




RJ’s cute no matter what~~





GHhhh im soryy i keep forgetting to make these rebloggable 

im srory it’s not rendered very well im really tired BUT YEAH IT”S the SAME BASIC METHOD FOR MOST TRANSLUCENT material! 



did your fav make it to the list?

thugdoka-magica whispered: Made it to 2-4 got a mutsu have yet to get a kongou now I just gotta level another plane girl so I can sweep through 2-4 easily

That map is biiiiig. If you go on the longer routes you’ll run outta fuel. I wouldn’t be too full of yourself to sweep it, it might take a few tries. 

Apparently the Rus in that map tend to screw people over. Good luck with it~


Attention Please! 

A dear friend generalyuuki is in need of assistance, and I would appreciate any help you all could give. She is going through hard times, and her birthday is on the 16th of October. Due to her family’s terrible financial issues (A damaged roof, debt, taxes, hospital bills, etc), her family is unable to do much for her. This has really brought her into a state of depression not even I can help with. She is transgender (M2F) and has yet to begin transition. Recently, her girlfriend lolikaze was donated to to afford her much needed noogleberry breast pump to begin her transition, so it is my hope this post could inspire others to do the same for generalyuuki

She is in need of $200 minimum, preferably in the forme of a prepaid gift card, as it would be the simplest method. 

As a gift, anyone who donates will receive a special event legendary Pokémon on X or Y - Darkrai, Victini, Manaphy, Shaymin, or Japanese Rayquaza, Mew, Mewtwo - as thanks for your help. Please help us out. Should you require an address, send me an ask and I will happily give you my friend code so I may trade one to you.

Thank you for your time.

tenevilstars whispered: That kongou reaction pic you posted is so adorable though! Why wouldn't you want more of that!

Why would I want more of Kongou when I could have more of Hibiki?

frommetrunui whispered: Have you accepted Kongouism and Kongou as your lord and saviour?

I’m sorry but Hibiki is my only lord and saviour. Kongou can Kongou away.

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